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 Come Out Swingin'

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Hairpin Culvert, Come Out Swinging album

“Come Out Swingin” is an album that meanders casually and comfortably across a broad musical palate but manages to hang together superbly over the course of ten songs. Why? Terrific words, captivating melodies, fine singing and a myriad of ideas. Just when you think you have it all figured out another musical idea comes along to throw an aural curve ball.”


Stuart Coupe (Music journalist, author, broadcaster)

“This is smart, literate and angular pop music with a bower bird-like approach to styles and genres. There are frequent strong echoes of the British pop tradition - from the Beatles through Squeeze and XTC - rubbing shoulders with reggae tinges, Philly soul, flashes of New Wave attitude and inventiveness combined with some emotive lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, they’re quirky, clever and intelligent words. I mean, not everyone works references to Voltaire and the Velvet Underground into their songs and gets away with it.

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New E.P
Hairpin Culvert returns to the sea


Hairpin Culvert is a songwriter from Sydney, Australia.

Hairpin hit the ground running with his debut LP in 2018, ”Everyone Gets Everything He Wants”.

Now he’s back, swinging, in more ways than one, with a diverse collection of new songs on his second album, “Come Out Swingin”,  out now.


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